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About Dr. Cash DeWitt

Dr. Cash DeWitt was born and raised in Lynchburg, VA attending Jefferson Forest High School.  Cash has a strong background in athletics as a soccer player, cross country and track runner, and triathlete. During his time as a high school and college athlete, he sustained multiple foot, ankle, knee, back and shoulder injuries that fueled his passion to find a better way to train. While in college, Cash coached high school cross country and track at Spotswood High School and Jefferson Forest High School where he was able to implement advanced training processes to enhance performance while decreasing risk of injury. He was named 2011 Boys and Girls Seminole District Coach of the Year and 2011 Girls Region III Cross Country Coach of the Year while coaching the JF girls cross country to a 4th place state finish.

His clinical experience includes working with a wide variety of sports, orthopedic, pediatric and neurological conditions from his time working in sports medicine in San Diego and managing a physical therapy clinic in Chicago. Cash completed his Fellowship in Applied Functional Science in 2017, making him one of less than 600 physical therapists trained in three-dimensional analysis of all functional movements. His clinical interests include treating and preventing running and overuse injuries to help triathletes achieve new levels of fitness and personal best times. Cash specializes in treating athletes, foot injuries, headaches and scoliosis. He has a particular passion for treating foot ankle injuries following his long history of injuries. Cash is also a S.T.A.R. certified therapist making him a first-choice provider for rehabilitation of patient’s before, during, and after their battle with cancer.

In 2021, after managing a Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy Clinic in Chicago for 6 years, it was time for Cash to move back home to focus on providing the best physical therapy for his childhood community. Since moving back, Cash has become the physical therapy provider for New Covenant High School boys basketball team and Jefferson Forest High School boys soccer team. In his spare time, Cash enjoys running, triathlons, and volleyball, as well as going to movies with his wife Amanda. 


Education and Training


Fellowship in Applied Functional Science
The Gray Institute

While working with patients during his early years as a physical therapist, Cash realized that often he had only been taught how to treat his clients' symptoms, therefore only achieving short-term improvements. This lead him to seek out a more holistic way of treating people. Through his fellowship at the Gray institute, he learned how to assess the entire person from head to toe to find the root cause to injuries and treat them so that way the injury does not occur again.


Doctorate in Physical Therapy Elon University

During his time at Elon, Cash got a breadth of experience in orthopedic and hands-on physical therapy. He attended internships with some of the premier physical therapy companies in northern Virginia and San Diego. It was during these internships that he began honing his skills for treating chronic injuries, sports injuries, scoliosis and chronic headaches.


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
James Madison University

While at JMU, Cash majored in Kinesiology - the study of human movement. This provided him with a strong foundation in biomechanical principles and understanding of human anatomy and physiology. His senior thesis focused on nutrition of marathon runners during competition. He also minored in Coaching and Leadership while concurrently coaching the Spotswood High School cross country and track teams his senior year. 

Other Training and Certifications

USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach since 2011

Functional Manual Reaction Certified 2017

Certified in Integrated Dry Needling  2018

Myofascial Decompression Certified 2019

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy 2020

Mulligan Trained in Joint Mobilization Manual Therapy 2021

Gray Institute Foot and Ankle Specialist 2022

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