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About Us


Founded in 2021, with the goal of providing the best physical therapy in the Lynchburg area, 3D Movement and Rehab is a compassionate concierge practice that provides individualized care in the comfort of your home, office, field or court. We meet you where ever you need us.​


We offer a personalized eclectic approach, which means our physical therapy services are custom tailored to our patients' needs. We evaluate a person from head to toe in all planes of motion, regardless of the injury, to determine exactly what is causing the person's dysfunction. Then we formulate a plan to help correct the causes and transition the client back to their activities. Our clients achieve a new and improved level of health and fitness in the process so that they can return to living life on their terms without fear of reinjury. ​

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Our Mission

Learn more about our mission, our philosophy, what we treat, and how we treat people.

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Our Team

Learn more about the physical therapist you will be working with.

Steve Harris

"I came to see Cash after my second shoulder surgery in 2.5 years. I had been to a dozen physical therapists at this point, all of which I would consider average. To say that not all PTs are created equally is an understatement. His knowledge and understanding of anatomy and sports pathology is unmatched. He exudes professionalism. After my first visit, I knew that I wouldn't trust anyone else with my recovery. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to return to my activities pain-free."

Adam Cobert

"Cash is an excellent physical therapist. He takes time to explain everything, starting with what he is looking for during an evaluation all the way through why you are doing the assigned exercises. He will always take input from the patient on how things are going and treat anything else that is hurting even outside the area you are being seen for. Cash was able to diagnose, treat, and strengthen my recurring ankle/Achilles issue in the span of 4 weeks allowing me to get back to what I love." 

Rachel Reyna

"Not only did Cash help with my back injury, but he also helped out with the various other injuries I got while I was in PT (yup, I was injury prone this year). I feel that he really understood my injuries and how to get to the root of the problem. I like how he didn't just focus on alleviating the symptoms, but also on how to prevent the issue in the future, by multiple methods, such as correcting form, improving flexibility and strengthening muscles. And he made sure to take the time to explain why I was doing each step. He helped me maintain my active lifestyle and I will definitely be coming back for any future injuries."

Serena Maruko

 "I suffered from chronic neck and low back pain after being rear-ended for over a decade. The nausea from the pain caused me to vomit due to having to work long hours, and limited my travel and social life. Cash helped me to regain the strength and flexibility I needed to get my life back. If you're looking for a doctor that will deliver the results he's promised, look no further."

Robert Schaff

"Cash actually cares - and he made my foot way better, after several podiatrists and physical therapists had failed. He understands the inner workings of the foot AND the foot's relationship with the rest of the body. That is hard to find, anywhere you look." 

Bradley Fulkerson

"I saw Cash DeWitt after running the Chicago marathon. He did a great job at getting the knots out of my quads, hamstrings, shins, and calves. He recommended several stretches and exercises that helped me get back to full health in a few short weeks. I highly recommend seeing him if you have any pains from running at all."

Josh Ranowsky

"Cash has a passion for people that shines through his work as a physical therapist. Within two sessions, he was able to diagnose and fix my low back pain of 5 years and get me back to squatting over 400lbs, lifting weights in the gym pain free. I couldn't be more grateful for his genuine care and expertise in relieving my chronic back pain."

Jill McCormick

"I am a physical therapist, and I can't say enough good things about Cash. Having had PT at other sports medicine clinics and having also worked in several sports medicine clinics, I can say that the care and treatment provided here is exceptional. The evaluation of your injury/symptoms is ongoing and the treatment plans are continuously evolving. You can see the wheels turning in his head as he creates your treatment plan for the day (which changes every visit based on your symptoms and your response to the previous session). The approach taken here is truly whole body, truly totally functional, and truly fun! As a professional and a patient, I highly recommend."

Bentley Yeatts

"I am a freshman baseball player at UNC-Asheville. I was experiencing pain when I was swinging during practice, and it began to worsen, and that's when I became worried. Luckily, during Christmas break, I got to connect with Dr. DeWitt. After a full body assessment, we attacked it with various band and dumbbell work and soft tissue work, which was very beneficial. After 4 sessions, I was back to 100%. If it wasn’t for Dr. DeWitt, I wouldn't be in the position I am today competing at my highest level at UNC-Asheville."
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